3. Something horrible is happening inside of me and I don’t know why. My nightly bloodlust has overflown into my days. I feel lethal, on the verge of frenzy. I think my mask of sanity is about to slip.

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    "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand."

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    i know you want me

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    "you ugly mayonnaise bitch"

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    The bees never bothered me anyway 

    I’m done with this site


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    can someone make a picture that says selena slowmez with her face on a yellow light

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    How History Books Will Remember The Government Shut Down: A Masterpost

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    This is one of the reasons The LEGO Movie hit wayyy closer to home than Frozen to me. Instead of a problem that only tackles some few, selected people, you can’t deny that at least at one point you have looked at yourself and felt worthless because everyone around you outshines you even in the things you’re good at.

    That’s one of the reasons this movie made me legitimately cry in the theater, that, and due to the fact that the moral that accompanies this is much more empowering than just “letting it go”.

    And let’s talk about that facial expression at the end like I didn’t know a lego could make me cry.

    There is a tiny fucking tear in his eye oh my God…

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  12. What team? Wildcats.

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    Life highlight.

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